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Kids Car Seats

I got something in my eye.

This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, while I was brushing my teeth. Toothpaste. Have you ever gotten toothpaste in your eye while you’re brushing? I’ll tell you what, it stings like hell.

I started to rub it, and I kept my brush in my hand, and just tried to use the tip of my finger, and it just seemed to be rubbing it in worse and making it sting even worse, and my other eye began watering, and my nose started to run, you know, like it does when you get some pepper or something in there, and then all of a sudden a little droplet of toothpaste went into my other eye. So I said, “Hang-on honey” and I set the phone down and I just dropped the toothbrush. So now I was rubbing both eyes just trying to get the damn toothpaste outta them and it was obvious everything was starting to get completely outta control, I was sneezing, and crying, and there was snot and tears all over the place ……

So I hammered on the brakes.

I could hardly see I was tearing up so badly, and the whole world around me was just a blur. I could hear other vehicles going past, and people seemed to be upset. I tried to turn the volume down too but accidently hit one of the station presets and so now Wolfmother is hammering out of the speakers.

Anyway, I was still fumbling for the volume, and cars and trucks and stuff were going past me on both sides …. I could tell that I was still mostly in the middle lane, well partly in the inside lane too, but there was plenty of room for people to get around me, it’s not like I was blocking everything right, and It’s not like any of them never got toothpaste in their eyes either right? And all of a sudden, BAM! This total asshole slams right into me.

So now, I don’t even know where my toothbrush went, right, and my phones fallen off the seat, and there’s coffee and Timbits all over everything and the dogs howling and the kids are crying and wh-oh-lly shit …..everything started to get crazy.

I get outta the car, and start to eyeball the damage, and I’m walking back to the back and the other guy is coming toward me and looking at everything too and I say “WhattareYa blind or sumthin?” and she says “You have no brake lights” and I says “No shit I have no brake lights, they’re laying all over the ground“, and she says “Before I hit you YOU HAD NO BRAKE LIGHTS!!“, and she kinda screamed this a little bit, and then I realised that she seemed angry and also, that she was wearing a policeman’s uniform …. Now if you’re like me and you’re first thought was that she was just a stripper on her way to work, well in the end, it turned out, that she wasn’t a “real” stripper.

Ayway, FYI …… the cops are pretty picky about the whole car-seats thing for kids …… just a head’s-up.

Written by snappledagain

12/24/2016 at 12:04

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