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An otherwise smart and articulate guy has got this one wrong.

This past week Jian Ghomeshi outted himself in a Facebook post that described why he believed he was dismissed from the employ of the CBC. He seemed to feel that an attack on him was underway, with allegations to come from a couple of women, and one in particular, about his particular sexual proclivities. He wrote that the allegations would all be lies. He wrote in a way that dismissed the allegations being made, and appeared to blame one individual in particular for the whole ‘affair’. It is worth noting at the outset that the women did not out him publicly, and neither did the CBC. He outted himself.


Strategically that was an error (another) on his part. It is apparent that he felt that by getting out ahead of the story he would somehow be able to control the message, or at least how observers perceived it. And that might have worked if not for the fact that it has not been just a couple of women, but has become (In a very short period of time) a line of them.


On another strategic front he directed lawyers, purportedly working on his behalf, to file an enormous lawsuit against the CBC for the actions of the CBC, overlooking the fact that as a union worker he may not be entitled to initiate such an action. He could file a grievance with his union, and let the union represent him, but he is not legally permitted to step outside of that framework once joining the brotherhood.


Fail. Fail. Fail. That is three strikes, and come after the real failure that is at the heart of the matter, his failure to understand how his actions affect the women around him. As a man I am angered by his behaviour. As a Canadian, I am angered by his behaviour.


We must allow that almost all human beings fantasize about violence and at times associate this with sex. In their fantasies. That was not his failure. However most people understand the difference between right and wrong and never act on such fantasies. Ghomeshi’s moral compass failed him in this respect and he has crossed many lines with his behaviour. This was a fail because most people understand that those things we sometimes fantasize about are actually occurring to women all over the world, including here, constantly, every day. He is acting out fantasies of his own devising under the guise of being mere sexual play between consenting adults, even as the same acts being committed criminally are occurring in other locations at the same moment. And crucially he appears to have forgotten about the consent part here.


He is correct to assert that his private sex life is his own private business, and that mutually consensual sexual behaviour of any kind is his own private business. But I did not hear about his sex life from the CBC, or from any of his past partners, I heard about it from him. You cannot stamp your feet and cry aloud about your privacy while simultaneously publishing an article about your sexual practices for every person in the world to read about. He compromised his own privacy. His sex life, by his own hand is not private, it is very much in the public realm and now everyone is also entitled to their own opinion about it. And he needs to pay some attention to those opinions as he is very much in the minority with his own.


Mutually consensual. This is a key phrase and Mr Ghomeshi if she is crying, it is not mutually consensual. You have crossed a line and have entered the realm of sexual battery, or possibly even rape.


That he is (was) a public figure is irrelevant in this matter. It does not matter who you are in the face of such allegations. If anything his profile in the greater Canadian community only aggravates the circumstances.


Also, he must be very much aware he is the most public face of the Persian community in this country and seems to be unaware a major clash of cultures has been underway for generations in which one of the central issues is how women are treated within Islamic communities. I know nothing of his theological beliefs but he is surely aware that Iran is Islamic. He is of Iranian descent. Every other element of this set aside and the optics of that one factor considered in isolation, within this discussion, ought to have given him a moment of pause. Let us be clear; It is unacceptable to abuse or demean women in any way, shape, or form at any time. Accept that fact as a solid standard with the Canadian culture he has chosen to adopt, or face the consequences. This is not Iran you Asshole. To assert the obvious, Canada is absolutely and unequivocally NOT Iran. With your actions you have helped to solidify the stereotype that Persian men in general do not, in general, treat women respectfully.


Ghomeshi has revealed that he views women as mere objects subject to his perverted whims. Moreover does not just think so, but acts in a manner that defines his beliefs. Do not for an instant believe that he is merely an advocate for playful Sado-Masochistic activity, he is abusive, he is disrespectful, and we all now understand that he should never have been advanced into the very prominent role he held with the CBC. A job well done to recognise the error and terminate him now.


If she is crying, it is not consensual.


Write a Q essay about that.



Nov 25th 2014: Ghomeshi lawsuit against the CBC withdrawn, and he assumes responsibility for the legal costs of the CBC.

Nov 26th 2014: Ghomeshi charged, criminal x 5 including “Choking to overcome resistance”.

Jan 8th 2015: Ghomeshi charged with 3 more counts of Sexual Assault.

March 24th 2016: Ghomeshi acquitted on 4/5 charges.

May 11th 2016: Last charged against ghomeshi dropped and a Peace Bond is issued;

(From the CBC)


Former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi no longer faces any criminal charges after signing a peace bond at Toronto’s Old City Hall courthouse this morning that led to the prosecution withdrawing the final count of sexual assault he was to be tried on in June.
The 48-year-old apologized to complainant Kathryn Borel, who waived the publication ban on her name, saying that he regrets that his actions made her feel uncomfortable in the workplace.


The court heard that Ghomeshi has been seeing a therapist for 18 months and will continue to do so.


“No workplace friendship or creative environment excuses this sort of behaviour, especially when there’s a power imbalance as there was with Ms. Borel,” Ghomeshi told the court.
His mother and sister were sitting in the courtroom and he apologized to them, and his other supporters, as well.



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10/31/2014 at 12:18

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