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Canadian Values

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From time to time I hear people say Canadians have no values, or that the country is simply too young to have developed its own culture yet. Or worse, that we are just like Americans, or that we are nothing like Americans. None of these positions is precisely correct. Canada is ‘distinctly’ different from many other parts of the world, and Canadians in particular have demonstrated they are different than peeps from other countries. We allow women to vote, for example. We have never had (as a nation) imperial tendencies. We are democratic, and live by the rule of law. We produce enough food, and energy, and comedians to be able to share all of these things with the rest of the world.

We are different in many ways, but these differences include, at the very least;

1)       Living by the rule of law.

a.       Canadian law.

2)       We embrace religious freedom.

a.       You can believe what you want and worship however you want, but must not impose your religious beliefs on any other person.

3)       We defend those that cannot defend themselves.

a.       Children, Women, the elderly and the infirm sometimes need our protection. Those that can protect others should.

4)       We predominantly speak English (Not French!).

a.       Canada is an English speaking country by vast majority. Immigrants and refugees too must be able to read write and speak English as a condition of entry into the country.

5)       We are not peacekeepers.

a.       We help our friends, we pick a side that reflects our values and ethics and respect for the rule of law, and we fight with that side. If neither side reflects Canadian values, then we stay clear of the conflict. We fight for what is right.

6)       We Canadians are multi-racial, but not multi-cultural.

a.       Canadian culture is distinct, different than that of the culture of Britain or the United States or Australia or any other country in the world.

b.       Immigrants must abandon the values of the (failed) culture they have left, and embrace and uphold and promote Canadian values and culture.

7)       We believe all people are created equal, and remain equal throughout their lives.

8)       Canadians advocate for Sacrifice, and Bravery.



1.       Rule of law:

a.       Canada is a democratic nation that operates under a parliamentary system of government. If you cannot play by the rules, please leave.

2.       Religious Freedom

a.       Churches, mosques and synagogues have operated freely in Canada for decades without conflict, and shall be permitted to do so.

b.       Statements of hate directed at one religion from any other religion will not be tolerated.

c.        Anyone that moves here must acknowledge the right every person has to religious freedom. If you are here to push an agenda, please go back.

3.       Canadians have a duty to protect those that cannot defend themselves, whenever possible, and also to protect their own welfare.

a.       Where values are not shared with those people of another nation, there is a diminished duty to protect those people.

b.       Where the people of another nation share our values, we will help to defend their interests around the world.

4.       English:

a.       You may speak whatever language you prefer in your own home.

b.       English in public.

c.        Signs across the entire country shall be in English, except where there is a specific cultural meaning represented. (‘Fresh Poutine’, ‘Shawarmas’, etc)

5.       Peacekeeping:

a.       We will not try to stop a fight between two warring nations.

6.       Race:

a.       All races are equal, and welcomed in Canada.

b.       Not all cultures are equal, and some are seriously defective and have led to failed nations all over the world.

c.        Cultural traditions that violate Canadian law or contradict Canadian values shall not be tolerated, and individuals doing so will be expelled from Canada, forfeiting all assets in the process. Contradictory values include;

i.         Any mistreatment of women or children

ii.        Discrimination based on religious, gender, age or wealth benchmarks.

d.       The promotion of Multi-culturalism was a misguided policy of the Liberal Party, not a Canadian value.

e.        Sub-cultures of the Canadian identity include Francophone, Native, Eskimo, European, Christian, Oriental, African and Latino.

7.       Equality:

a.       All human beings are created and live with equal right to life, liberty and freedom.

Written by snappledagain

06/20/2013 at 10:34

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